The Bergmeier lab welcomes talented researchers of any race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, caregiver and family commitments, socioeconomic background, and political affiliation.

This header is courtesy of/modified from a poster by Sammy Katta. Follow the link to learn more about how you be an ally in academia.

We believe diverse viewpoints are essential to tackling challenging problems with creative and novel solutions – our lab strives to provide an excellent and welcoming environment to improve both our research and our community.


Bergmeier Lab — Spring 2024
Lab Wellness Day — Spring 2024
Farewell to Jean Marie & Nazli — August 2023
Bergmeier Lab Golf Outing — Summer 2022
Bergmeier Lab Mountain Retreat — February 2022
10th Symposium on Hemostasis; Chapel Hill — Spring 2022
Farewell to Katie — Fall 2021
Farewell to Dorsaf — Summer 2021
Farewell to Ankita — Spring 2021
Bergmeier Lab goes “virtual” thanks to COVID-19! Summer 2020
Fall 2018
ISTH Congress; Berlin, Germany — Summer 2017
Holiday Party — Winter 2015
Bergmeier Lab BBQ — Summer 2013
Bergmeier Lab BBQ — Spring 2012